About Speciality Threads

 Aurifil Invisible (Monofilament)


1,000 metre spool

100% nylon
Made in Italy

Available in Clear and Smoke

Aurifil’s Monofilament Invisible Thread Made in Italy, is made of nylon and available in two colors: smoke (for dark fabrics) and clear (for light fabrics).

It is the perfect choice, whenever the thread or the stitching line should camouflage or needs to be absolutely invisible. Designed to be used when the choice of the right thread color becomes challenging, Aurifil’s Monofilament Invisible Thread can be used as a top thread for many quilting applications such as stitch-in-the-ditch, invisible machine applique, outlining, shaping and echoing applique and of course free motion quilting.

Art Quilters will love the camouflage effect, when couching becomes important. The smoothness of the thread also allows its use in needle turn applique or when joining the parts of open seams, that need to be hand stitched to close.

While in many occasions you may want to stay “invisible” with your top thread, the back of your project may not necessitate an invisible thread. Choose a matching color among one of our numerous Aurifil 100% cotton threads – a 50wt is perfect to use as a bobbin thread – and you will see perfect stitch quality on top and on the back of your project. Top tension should be lowered to at least 2,0 on a home sewing machine and as necessary on a long arm. A slightly larger stitch will also guarantee an excellent result.

Although not recommended in the bobbin for best results, invisible thread can be used in the bobbin with some recommendations. The bobbin should be filled at the slowest speed possible and not completely. In case the winding speed cannot be reduced on the machine, the tension of the thread path should be reduced as much as possible when winding, as the invisible thread tends to stretch a bit and will be wound too tight otherwise. Considering a second bobbin case may be a good choice, as the bobbin tension will need to be adapted as well. The original bobbin case can be kept for normal threads and the bobbin tension does not have to be readjusted.

Regardless of fabric type, we recommend using either a 90/14 or 100/16 needle.

  • Stitch in the Ditch
  • Invisible seaming
  • Attaching binding
  • Free-motion quilting
  • Couching
  • Machine applique (cross-stitch)
  • Outlining applique
  • Shaping applique
  • Echoing applique


  • Needle Turn Applique
  • Attaching binding
  • Joining open seams with a ladder stitch
Ironing Guide

150 c° – 302 F° Optimum Temperature. While protecting your stitches from the hot plate with a cloth.
160 c° – 320 F° At this temperature the thread will start to shrink by 2%
+240 c° – 464 F° At this temperature the thread will start to melt


Water Soluble thread

Water soluble thread


130 metre spool

Suggested Uses:
Temporary machine basting
Machine Trapunto
Wash thread away in cold to lukewarm water when project is finished.

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