About Lana Wool Thread

Lana… wool blend thread

a unique, strong, textured thread suitable for hand & machine embroidery
Above: Watch Pat Sloan & Jinny Beyer talking to Jody Davis about Aurifil Lana & Cotton Mako’.
Lana (wool blend)
Lana wool blend spools are available in 2 sizes, 350 metres shown here and the smaller, 50 metre spool
  • It is ideal for folk art style appliqué.
  • Thesoft appearance of the thread matches perfectly with woollen fabrics to produce a beautiful finish to your creative wool work.
  • As this thread is a little thicker than the usual embroidery thread a larger needle (90 or 100) is recommended for most machine work.
  • Lana is also suitable for hand blanket stitch & embroidery.
  • It is even suitable for miniature crochet.
Lana Stats:
Place of Origin
Made in Italy using Australian wool
50% Australian wool & 50% Acrylic
Colour Range
192 colours, including tweedy mottles & variegated colours
Thread Weight
Ne 12
Spool Size
Standard Spool = 350 metres
Mini Spool = 50 metres
Spool Identifier
Red spool base

Pretty designs in wool by Marianne Byrne, embroidered with Lana wool blend

Some Creative Ideas to get you started using Lana wool blend thread:
  • Lana works very well for both machine & hand embroidery embellishment.
  • When using Lana for machine stitching the manufacturer recommends the use of a 90 or 100 needle.
  • A Cotton Mako’ Ne 28, Ne 40 or Ne 50 thread may be used as bobbin thread when machine stitching with Lana.
  • When using a digitised embroidery design best results are achieved with the use of an enlarged version of the pattern.

The star flowers have been appliqued with 2 rows of blanket stitch. firstly in the traditional direction to hold the applique in place and then the second row is reversed to give the design a soft edge. 

Match Lana to a wool background for blanket stitch appliqué by machine (above) or hand (below)

Hand blanket stitch is so easy with Lana

Use Lana instead of a traditional embroidery thread to stitch “red work” designs by machine or hand.
Lana hand embroidery using a pre-printed fabric panel as the base
Decorate a Wagga with embroidery.

Machine Embroider using Lana wool blend to create a beautiful complimentary effect on woollen fabrics

Add texture to your machine embroidery by combining Lana with other threads in your creative work. (photo below of her work supplied by Jan Preston)

Jan Preston has combined Lana wool thread with Cotton Mako' for added impact, and texture, in this art piece

Lana compliments flannel fabrics beautifully.

Lana wool thread and flannel fabrics are made for each other!

Think out side the square …. try some miniature crochet with Lana.

Have fun, crocheting miniature "Granny Squares" with Lana

Care Instruction:

  • Lana Wool may be Laundered or Dry Cleaned.
  • A gentle wash to 40C with a mild detergent, suitable for wool, is recommended.
  • The thread may be pressed with a cool iron.

Hints for Successful Machine stitching with Lana

Lana is a thicker thread than traditional machine sewing threads, so the following adjustments to the sewing machine will ensure a successful result when using it through the needle:
  • Use a 90 or 100 topstitch needle
  • Loosen the top tension to allow the thread to travel smoothly & easily
  • Choose a longer stitch length than for general sewing (experiment on a sample before starting on your project)
  • Use Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 in the bobbin for simple embroidery or straight line work.
  • Use Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 in the bobbin for satin stitch or infill embroidery
Below: Jo, from Jo’s Country Junction also uses Lana Wool for her projects.(watch the video through to the end to see all her clever workshop ideas)

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