About Brillo Metallic Thread

Brillo …. the right Brilliance

high performance metallic thread

Brillo, metallic thread, a modern thread packaged on old fashioned wodden spools


Aurifil Brillo (pronounced Brreel-lo) is a new high performance thread.

The original formula (78% polyester & 22 % Nylon) gives this smooth “metallic” thread the right strength to travel very easily through the machine needle.

Ideal for quilting and embroidery, Brillo will give your creation a beautiful brilliance!

Available in  32 colours, Aurifil Brillo is a very modern thread, wound on “old fashioned” wooden spools which are sure to appeal to your customers.

Brillo is machine washable.


Brillo, used for a machine embroidery design Photo to Left:An embroidery design stitched on a Pfaff machine
Photo to Right: We like to put our threads “through their paces” so we treated the Brillo with very little consideration … standard needle, no changes to tension and no embroidery stabiliser was used in this sampler. We were pleased with the results, especially when the asterisk stars stitched out without a break.
Test stitched using a Bernina machine
A sampler of stitching, using Brillo
 Judys machine-webThe Brillo spool feeds easily from most spool holders. Shown here on a Bernina machine.

If the spool does not fit on the machine spool pin, a simple home made modification wil solve the problem

If the spool does not fit on the machine spool pin, (eg: a Pfaff sewing machine) a simple home made modification will solve the problem. Set the spool on a pin inside a cup, and feed the thread up from the back of the machine to a separate thread guide.

Colour Range:


Brillo colour chart Brillo colour chart

Care Instructions:

Washable in the washing machine with reduced mechanical action

Do not use Chlorine

Iron with a maximum setting of 110C with a damp cloth


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